Information System for Users


Please, use GGUS for any enquiry related to the Information System and also to report any incident.

User guides

  • ginfo: A client to query GLUE 2.0 information from the BDII.
  • lcg-info/lcg-infosites: Two different clients to query GLUE 1.3 information from the BDII. This guide also contains a detailed description of how to use the ldapsearch command. Note that lcg-info and lcg-infosites are now frozen in terms of new functionality and are maintained in a best effort basis.

BDII clients

User requirements

WLCG evolution

In June 2015, OSG announced their plans to stop using the BDII to publish their computing resources (See Slides presented at the WLCG Operations Coordination Meeting in 18th of June). This announcement has triggered the review of the current WLCG Information System. It has been decided to create a task force to evaluate how WLCG is going to evolve to be able to cover the existing use cases and finally improve all the existing drawbacks and weaknesses of its current implementation.