Quickstart guide


The configuration file used to configure the BDII itself is /etc/bdii/bdii.conf. The format is key/value pairs with an ‘=’ sign as the separator. A default configuration file comes with the BDII. This may require editing in order for the BDII to function as desired. The table belows describes the key/value pairs found in the configuration file.

Key Typicaly Value Description
BDII_LOG_FILE /var/log/bdii/bdii-update.log The log file for the BDII update process
BDII_PID_FILE /var/run/bdii/bdii-update.pid PID file for the bdii-update daemon
BDII_LOG_LEVEL ERROR The log level for the update process [ERROR, WARNING, INFO, DEBUG ]
BDII_LDIF_DIR /var/lib/bdii/gip/ldif The directory containing LDIF files
BDII_PROVIDER_DIR /var/lib/bdii/gip/provider The directory containing information providers
BDII_PLUGIN_DIR /var/lib/bdii/gip/plugin The directory containing plugins
BDII_PORT 2170 The port which is used for the LDAP server
BDII_VAR_DIR /var/lib/bdii The directory to use by the BDII for writing data
BDII_BREATHE_TIME 120 Time to wait before updating the next database
BDII_READ_TIMEOUT 300 Time to wait for LDAP sources to return
BDII_ARCHIVE_SIZE 0 The number of updates that the changes should be logged
BDII_USER ldap The user runing the update process and the slapd databases
BDII_DELETE_DELAY 43200 Time to wait in seconds before deleting removed entries. Default is 12 hours. This variable enables the caching mode. For disabling it set it to 0.

Starting and Stopping the BDII

The BDII is started and stopped by the daemon script /etc/init.d/bdii. The following commands can be used:

service bdii start
service bdii stop

File Locations and Descriptions

The following table contains a list of files and locations which may be useful during troubleshooting.

Location Description
/etc/bdii/bdii.conf BDII configuration file
/etc/bdii/bdii-(top-)slapd.conf The slapd.conf template for use with the bdii
/var/lib/bdii/gip/ldif/default.ldif A default LDIF file to populate the bdii
/etc/init.d/bdii BDII init.d script
/usr/sbin/bdii-update Main update script
/opt/bdii/bin/bdii-proxy Creates proxy for the BDII
/var/log/bdii/bdii-update.log The BDII log file
/var/run/bdii-update.pid Te bdii-update.pid of the main process

Running Processes

When a BDII is started, the following processes run:

  • One multithreaded slapd process.The number of (active) threads may depend on the query load and/or the /opt/bdii/etc/bdii-slapd.conf file.
  • 1 bdii-update process.
  • Periodically, one ldapadd, ldapdelete or ldapmodify process.