ginfo is a client tool for GLUE 2.0. It queries information from the BDII and lists the attributes corresponding to an object. By default, all the attributes of an object are displayed.

ginfo is available in EPEL 5 and EPEL 6 repositories.


ginfo   [options]   Object   [attribute_to_filter='value of the attribute']   [attribute_to_display]

Only the object is mandatory.


-H,   --host  host        Specify a host to query. By default the environmental variable LCG_GFAL_INFOSYS will be used.
-b,   --bind  binding     Specify the binding (o=glue by default).
-l,   --list  attribute   List all the possible values of the specified attribute.
-c,   --csv               Output in CSV format
-j,   --json              Output in JSON format
-t,   --timeout           Change the ldap timeout (15 seconds by default).
-v,   --verbose           Enable verbose mode
-V,   --version           Print the version of ginfo
-h     --help             Print this helpful message

Objects and corresponding attributes:

Object Attributes
AdminDomain ID, Description.
ComputingManager ID, ProductName, ProductVersion, ServiceID.
ComputingShare ID, MaxCPUTime, MaxWallTime, ServingState, ExecutionEnvironmentForeignKey, RunningJobs, WaitingJobs.
Endpoint ID, URL, Capability, InterfaceName, InterfaceVersion, Implementor, ImplementationVersion, QualityLevel, HealthState, ServingState, ServiceForeignKey.
ExecutionEnvironment ID, OSName, ConnectivityOut, MainMemorySize, VirtualMemorySize.
Location ID, Country, Latitude, Longitude.
MappingPolicy ID, Scheme, Rule, ComputingShareID.
Service ID, Capability, Type, QualityLevel, StatusInfo, AdminDomainID.

Output Format

Standard output for an Endpoint:

HealthState: Value
Implementor: Value
InterfaceName: Value
ServingState: Value
URL: Value
ImplementationVersion: Value
Capability: Value
ServiceForeignKey: Value
QualityLevel: Value
ID: Value
InterfaceVersion: Value

JSON output for an Endpoint:

[... "Value_of_the_ID": {
"HealthState": Value,
"Implementor": Value,
"InterfaceName": Value,
"ServingState": Value,
"URL": Value,
"ImplementationVersion": Value,
"Capability": Value,
"ServiceForeignKey": Value,
"QualityLevel": Value,
"ID": Value,
"InterfaceVersion": Value}, ...]

CSV output for an Endpoint:



  • List all information for all Endpoint attributes:

    ginfo --host Endpoint
  • Use the host from the LCG_GFAL_INFOSYS environment variable and list all Location countries:

ginfo Location country
  • List all the Service types:
ginfo -l Type Service
  • List all IDs from Endpoint which have ‘org.glite.FileTransfer’ as name of Interface:
ginfo Endpoint InterfaceName=org.glite.FileTransfer ID
  • Show the version too:
ginfo Endpoint  InterfaceName=org.glite.FileTransfer  ID  InterfaceVersion
  • Show all available information about these Endpoints:
ginfo Endpoint InterfaceName=org.glite.FileTransfer
  • Export to CSV:
ginfo --csv Endpoint InterfaceName=org.glite.FileTransfer


In case of problems, please open a GGUS ticket.